simple, architectural, and minimal metal from honolulu, hawaii.

I am an architect by trade, handcrafting simple and minimal jewelry in 14k gold fill and solid sterling silver.

As an architect, I am drawn to simple lines and strong shapes. Architects always ensure buildings are comfortable to the human scale and take particular notice to everything at a touchable level. We also have deep respect for our materiality and the inherent qualities of them.

I am also greatly influenced by the Japanese aesthetic of “wabi-sabi” - the beauty of imperfection and naturalness. Thus, each of my pieces are designed to highlight the natural qualities of metal and stone and to showcase its handcrafted process: hand cut, shaped, hammered, and polished. 

Every piece is handcrafted in my Honolulu studio.

Jewelry design and metalsmithing is such a tactile and malleable medium that I love so much. The dichotomy of it calls for a great deal of precision and timing and is limited to the physical properties of metal and heat, but at the same time is so completely open to your imagination. It is also incredibly satisfying to be able to create a concrete form of the images I have floating around in my mind.

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Less is More
Mies van der Rohe

green tea leaves is made with only 14k gold filled and solid sterling silver (925) material, chosen for its quality, durability, coloration and luster.

A GOLD PLATED material has a very light (0.5 microns thick) layer of gold that is plated over a base metal of brass or copper. Since this gold layer is very thin, it can wear off easily, is very prone to tarnish, and may cause irritation to sensitive skin.

A GOLD VERMEIL material is a heavier gold plate (2.5 microns thick or 2.5% of the metal’s total weight) over a sterling silver base. As this plating is heavier than a traditional gold plate, the gold will last longer but may eventually wear off. 

A GOLD FILLED material has a solid layer (5 microns thick or 5% of the metal’s total weight) of gold, mechanically bonded to a base of jeweler’s brass. A gold filled material has about 100x more gold than a gold plated or gold vermeil material. This is the best alternative to pure gold, as the gold layer will not wear off for the life of the jewelry, and is hypoallergenic.

Of the most common gold purity levels, 24k gold is considered pure gold. 24k gold means all 24/24 parts of its material content is gold with no other metal alloy. This level of gold is very soft and considered not durable enough for jewelry. 

10k gold is 10/24 pure gold and 14/24 other metal alloy. It is the hardest and most durable material, but with a high other metal percentage, may cause some skin irritation and be duller and lighter in appearance.

14k gold is 14/24 parts pure gold and 10/24 parts other metal alloy. This percentage is high enough to give 14k its warm, rich, gold color, and durable enough to withstand most scratches and bending.

FINE SILVER (999) is solid 99.9% silver through to its core. While fine silver (999) is a higher grade of silver, it may be too soft and malleable for some forms of jewelry.

A SILVER PLATED material has a thin layer of silver (1-2 microns thick) electroplated to a base metal of brass, tin, or nickel. Since this silver layer is very thin, it can wear off easily and may cause irritation to sensitive skin.

STERLING SILVER (925) is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper through to its core. The alloy of these 2 metals makes it durable for all jewelry without compromise to color and sheen.

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